About us

Solfer Componenti SRL is an Italian company with an international profile. Founded in 1961 by Umberto Broggi, it has a long track record in the design and production of original equipment for companies in the automotive sector. Among its main customers are big motorcycle manufacturers like Honda, BMW and Yamaha.

Solfer’s headquarters is in Pierantonio, in the Italian province of Perugia. With 8,000 square metres and 100 employees, its main activity is the design and development of exhausts and frames.

The group is currently in the middle of an expansion process, opening bases in Brazil and, soon, in Asia. In this way, it attempts to continue achieving one of its main targets: offering the best service to customers, wherever they may be.

About us


Following its foundation in 1961 and throughout the sixties, Umberto Broggi’s company made domestic and garden furniture, as well as components for the Italian Ministry of Defence.
In the seventies, the company began making silencers and other products for automobile companies like Fiat and the IVECO Group.
During the eighties, the company grew and diversified its activity towards other motor industries, beginning its relationship with the Honda group.
In the nineties, production of exhausts for motorbikes and scooters increased. The range was extended to new customers like Aprilia, Piaggio and Yamaha.
Since 2000, Solfer has been strengthening its customer service and beginning a process of expansion towards other markets.
Since 2010, the group has been aiming at the German market, with customers like BMW Motorrad. In 2013 it opened an office in Brazil and is preparing to begin operations in Asia.


Brands Brands

The Solfer Group makes original equipment for big companies like Honda, BMW, Yamaha, Piaggio, Aprilia, Fiat and many others. It also has its own aftermarket brand.



The Solfer Group has spent more than half a century constantly changing, but without losing sight of some fixed, constant targets:

  • Always seeking excellence.
  • Being a leader in innovation.
  • Achieving the best quality-price ratio.
  • Providing a wide variety of customised products.
  • Offering the best service for all customers and their specific needs.

These targets are also principles.


The Solfer Group always looks forward. This allows it to be a leader in terms of quality, as well as innovation. The firm commitment to safety and the environment is shown in all production processes, as corroborated by its monitoring instruments and, of course, its quality certificates.